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Gives a matt-silky gloss back to dull plastics. Deep penetration into the plastic ensures long-lasting action. Cares for and protects without greasing. Cockpit Care is antistatic so it is dust repellent. Plastics treated with Cockpit Care look like new again. Prevents squeaking and creaking.


- prevents immediate re-contamination

 - good water resistance

- does not resinify or become sticky

 - high resistance to aging

 - impregnates

- optimum penetration properties

 - neutral behavior in contact with rubber and plastics good lubricating effect on rubber and plastic components

 - antistatic

 - insulates

 - regenerates plastic.

Content : 300 ml

Product Code : 1599


Spray thinly onto parts to be treated from the aerosol can and after a short drying time, rub with a soft rag. Because of the risk of slipping, not suitable for steering wheels, pedals, seat surfaces or gear lever knobs.

Areas of application

For care of dashboards, plastic coatings, bumpers and for squeaky and creaky dashboards and sluggish seat belts.

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