About Us

Every once in a while, cars are likely to be exposed to different failures which require changing some parts due to its life expectancy, and to enable the car to function as well as before.
With the spread of numerous imitation spare parts in the markets that may not give the efficiency that the customer deserves, we launched "Badil" as one of the most advanced and committed vehicle websites to serve the automotive market in Saudi Arabia and the region.
The project started 3 years ago in Saudi Arabia with one aim, to promote new experience in purchasing auto parts and making it easier at the
same time by providing them to the customers in high quality and convenient price.

Our values

Badil website is a platform that:
• Provide periodic maintenance parts.
• Facile the purchase of Spares.
• Reduce problems that the client face when searching for the right pieces.
• Provide unique parts for all German cars like Audi, BMW and more.

Our goals

By launching "Badil" project, we aim to:
• Take care of our customers as our team consisted of car enthusiasts who are always ready to share your experience.
• Use our expertise to give all the necessary information.
•Provide the help required to make your decision, so you are always guaranteed with a perfect fit for your vehicle.
• Supply all the unique pieces to every place even far away.
All you have to do is give us the necessary information, and the order
will be delivered to your doorstep.

Our vision

We attempt to be the best destination for anything related to the automotive world, whether it is in the market, international brands and all of their accessories, oils, and parts.

Our added value

Now you can drive your dream car, all you have to do is use "Badel" and save your time in searching for the right pieces because we are ready to fulfill your request.

Why choose Badil?

In "Badil ", we put the client needs above any other consideration, and that is why we developed a special section for consulting which offers its customers extensive and competent advice.

We have auto parts professionals in our team with expert knowledge who are able to provide our customers with reliable information in order to keep our clients up to date with the latest developments in the automotive world.

Feel free to contact us; we always look forward to your opinions and feedback.